COVID-19 Update: Imagen Venues is Open & Accepting Bookings

With COVID-19 restrictions lifted in Texas, vaccinations available, and case numbers down, live events are finally returning.

Imagen Venues in Houston, Texas is now delivering custom in-person events. Our two-story indoor event spaces and two large patios allow us to host indoor / outdoor events with space for social distancing.

We offer private, in-person tours of our venues, as well as virtual tours via FaceTime or Skype, by appointment only. Contact us now to schedule.

Newly Renovated Venues offer Space for Indoor/Outdoor Events

Imagen Venues spacious, newly renovated event centers with total indoor capacities of 4,000 people for Stampede Event Center and 5,900 for Escapade provide the space needed to host a wide range of private and corporate events while still maintaining social distancing.

Imagen Venues continues to monitor COVID-19 updates from government and health officials, and our entire team remains committed to providing a safe and fun environment for guests and staff.

How We Are Working to Provide a Clean, Safe Environment

  • Employees wear face coverings and are trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.
  • Health screening of all employees. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or known close contact to a person testing positive for the virus is sent home.
  • Frequent, heavy cleaning and disinfecting of all regularly touched surfaces, restrooms, etc.
  • Hand sanitizing stations available upon entry and within the venue.
  • Custom seating and space layout provided to meet special event needs and requests.
  • A designated area for individuals considered “at-risk” can be reserved, if requested in advance.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.